180 Software Inc. was a new corporation in 2000, but we are not new to the collision repair industry. We have almost twenty years combined experience in the industry. Our range of experience is from technician through consulting with body shop owners around the country. The past six years have been mainly involved in the area of management systems from selling several products from different manufactures to on-site training and technical support.

We have seen shops across the country that would like to have a management system, but because of the cost they don't purchase one. We came up with a concept of 'Tokenizing' software, applied for a patent and developed Collision Business Management. By doing this we have been able to make body shop management software affordable for any size shop.

Our programming staff has extensive experience in programming for the collision repair industry. With this experience we have been able to produce the most comprehensive management system available today. Since we have no contracts, in order for us to keep you as a customer we have to continually work to keep CBM the best management system.

While we believe that the Internet will continually become more important in our daily business, but for the near future we don't believe that your business should be dependent upon it. We utilize the Internet in several ways from within the management system.

As technologies develop we will continue to provide you with the best available program.